Tips - Zoom

Follow these tips for a smooth and successful session.

Before the meeting

  • Test your audio and video 
    • Make sure to choose the correct audio and video sources
  • Have the content and applications that you intend to share open and prepared ahead of time
  • Close applications that have pop-ups

Hosting a meeting

  • Passcodes are required for meetings hosted from your Personal Meeting ID. It is strongly recommended that you keep these default settings in order to best ensure your privacy. Alternately, you can generate a new Meeting ID for each meeting, and send it only to those you wish to participate. If you turn off passcodes, the Waiting Room feature is automatically enabled. Learn more from Zoom >
  • Mute your mic if others are presenting/speaking
  • Use Gallery View for smaller group/team meetings
  • Share your screen
    • Share specific Applications to control displayed content
    • Use New Share to seamlessly transition between shared applications.
  • Use the Annotation tools to grab and direct attention

Turn the camera on!

  • Put your webcam at eye level or higher; experiment for best angles
  • Make eye contact; try to look at your webcam versus the screen

Etiquette for students

Discuss online etiquette and expectations of the students in your first virtual class and periodically revisit the topics. See Tips & Tricks: Teachers Educating on Zoom 

See also

Need help? Contact the UBIT Help Center or your departmental IT support.