Purchasing Laboratory Animals

There are several approved vendors that an investigator may use to purchase animals by using the eReq system.

Approved Vendors

A list of approved vendors, their contact information and their normal delivery schedule may be here.

These instructions help UB remain compliant in the care and use of lab animals while also helping you avoid unnecessary delays in the purchasing process. 


  • You need to coordinate and process all animal purchases through the LAF before going to purchasing.
    • This includes all locations: BEB, Hochstetter, Park, RIA, Kapoor, CTRC and JSMBS
  • You must use an approved IACUC project number when purchasing or obtaining animals.
    • Your IACUC number consists of a prefix, (usually indicating the department) five numbers, and a letter (either "Y" or "N"). The use of Y or N designates the possibility of a health hazard.
  • You will need to add the IACUC project number to all procurement forms, including:
    • the Ereq;
    • Cage Card Request for New Weaned, Unweaned Form; and 
    • UAF (Unassigned Animal Purchase Form). 
  • IACUC numbers also are used to track the number of animals for each approved project.

Using the Ereq system

  • The purchasing department only processes Ereqs that include an IACUC project number and LAF authorization.
    • Be sure to include the complete IACUC number on the opening tab, "Order Details" tab of the Ereq.
  • You will need training on the Ereq system and to establish an account before using it to purchase animals.
    • To schedule training on the Ereq system and to establish an account number please visit this page.
  • You must put the name of the principal investigator, the person whose IACUC number is being used, on the “Attention To” line of the "Ship To" tab of the Ereq.
  • To avoid discrepancies in ordering and to expedite processing, please follow this format when describing the item: 
    • Species, strain, (strain code if applicable), age or weight, gender.
  • Incomplete Ereqs will be returned. 
  • For single delivery orders, Tuesday is the deadline to submit Ereqs for delivery the following week.
  • For blanket orders, the following information must be included when applicable:
    1. Maximum of $9,999.99 per blanket order. 
    2. Specific details are required, i.e. species, strain, (strain code if applicable), age, weight, gender etc.
    3. Blanket orders can run up to a maximum of one year staying within the fiscal year.
      • The fiscal year for State accounts is July 1 - June 30.
      • For Research Foundation Accounts the date depends on the award date of the individual grant.