AI in Healthcare

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, enabled by the convergence of big data analytics, machine learning and very powerful computers, offers unprecedented opportunities for transforming the healthcare industry. With a deep understanding of healthcare data as well as the biological and clinical problems underlying patient care, UB and its collaborative partners are uniquely poised to shape the future of an AI-centered Health IT primed for safe and effective delivery of healthcare.

Ushering in a new era in healthcare

Academic and applied programs at UB excel in areas of engineering, medicine and the health sciences. Individual faculty and larger inter-disciplinary teams, working under the growing engineering-driven medicine (EDM) field at the convergence of medicine and engineering, aim to help address grand challenge questions around individualized diagnostics and therapies. Big data and machine learning can be used to understand the environmental contributions to disease, predict patient responses to drugs or other medical interventions, or track and help halt the spread of infectious diseases in large populations. EDM heralds a new era in medicine with global economic impact.

UB faculty are researching and collaborating in several areas, including:

  • Disease Surveillance
  • Digital Pathology
  • Knowledge and Data-Driven Models for Healthcare
  • Safety of Medical Products / Processes

What follows are references noting the work being done.