SUNY Telecommuting Policy

Republished June 25, 2024


The SUNY Telecommuting Policy  has been officially extended by the New York State Office of Employee Relations (OER) through June 30, 2025.

About the Policy

This policy is a positive step forward and will assist our institution’s efforts to assist with work productivity and increase employee engagement overall. SUNY’s policy will support telecommuting and flexible work, where it is reasonable to do so, based on the university’s mission, operational and program needs. 

Directly from the policy:

“This program’s purpose is to support implementation of telecommuting programs, where desired, establish guidelines designed to clearly articulate employee and campus expectations, and provide an additional vehicle for employee development while offering campus management the flexibility to operate a successful telecommuting program and plan for future workforce needs.”

Flexible Work Program Application

Faculty and staff may request flexible work such as a compressed work week, flexible start and end times and telecommuting. 

  • Complete the online form
  • A PDF will be emailed to you
  • Review the PDF and sign the form (electronic signatures are acceptable)
  • Submit your form to your supervisor
  • Supervisor should submit the form to the VP/Dean for final approval

Submitting Approved Applications

Once the application has been approved or denied by the VP/Dean, the form should be submitted to Human Resources.  There are multiple ways to submit the form to our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact For Questions

  • Peter Logiudice.

    Peter Logiudice

    Wellness and Work Life Balance

    Phone: 716-645-1528


  • Michele Poitras.

    Michele Poitras

    Wellness and Work Life Balance

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  • Amy Myszka.

    Amy Myszka


    Benefits and Work Life Balance

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