Fronczak Hall

  • Fronczak Hall.
  • Overview

    Academic / Research
    Gross Square Feet
    Construction Cost
    January, 1976
    Armand Bartos & Associates
  • Function

    This five-level home of the departments of Physics and Economics contains offices, a research library, and 500 research and instructional lab stations designed for study of theoretical, high-energy, low temperature, and solid state physics.  Two astronomy observatories are located on the roof of the building, and offer a distinctive feature to the building when coming onto the campus from 990-Exit 1. They house telescopes used by the Physics department and the Astronomy Club in pursuit of their academic and research aims.

  • Namesake


    Francis E. Fronczak (1874-1955) was a Buffalo native recognized as one of the foremost public health authorities in the U.S. He held both medical and law degrees from the University of Buffalo in 1897. He began his long association with the Buffalo Health Department in 1907 and was its commissioner from 1919 to 1946. During World War I, he gained international fame as president of a central relief committee that brought aid to Poland. He initiated reforms which were truly in the interest of the citizenry. Dr. Fronczak was a member of the American Medical Association, the New York State Medical Association, the Erie County Medical Association, the Academy of Medicine, and the New York and New England Railway Surgeons. Further he was a member of the prominent Polish Physicians Association of Europe and the United States. He was a chief examining physician of the Polish Union of America and many other Polish associations as well as the History and Natural Science Association of Buffalo.