Attach Receipts and Supporting Documentation

Upload and attach required receipts and supporting documentation to your expense reports.

How to Upload Receipts and Supporting Documentation

1. Verify Your Email

Black Out Your Bank Information

Black out all credit card and account numbers before uploading and attaching receipts and supporting documentation.

2. Upload Receipts and Supporting Documentation

Upload paper images to the system one of the following ways:

Scan to Your Computer as PDFs

After scanning as PDFs, upload the images to the system:

  • On the home page, next to Home click the drop-down arrow then click Expense (Figure 1).
  • Scroll to the Available Receipts library and click Upload New Receipt (Figure 2)
  • Locate where you are keeping your receipts, then click on the one you want.
  • Click Open, then click Upload

Email to

  • Use the email address verified in your profile.
  • Insert the image in the body of the email and send it to (Figure 3).
  • You may insert multiple images, but they will upload as a single file.
  • It may take several minutes for the images to appear in your Available Receipts library.

Take Pictures Using Concur Mobile App

  • Open the Concur Mobile app and click ExpenseIt to take pictures of your paper receipts and supporting documentation.
  • The images will automatically appear in your Available Receipts library.
  • For more information, refer to the tip sheet Use the Concur Mobile App.

Receive E-Receipts From Suppliers

  • Activate e-receipts to allow participating suppliers to send electronic receipt images directly to your profile.
  • For more information, refer to the tip sheet Activate E-Receipts.

How to Attach Receipts and Supporting Documentation

How to Attach a Single Receipt to an Expense

There are two ways to attach a receipt to an individual expense:

  1. Click the Add Receipt Button on the new expense.
    1. Click Add Expense at the top of the menu bar
    2. On the side of the expense click the box that reads Add Receipt (Figure 4)
    3. On the receipt you wish to add, click the receipt (Attach) to upload or the trashcan to delete it.
    4. If the receipt has not been uploaded into Concur, click Upload New Receipt to upload a new receipt from your computer.
    5. When finished with the expense, click Save Expense
  1. Click the Blue Receipt icon next to an expense that has already been created.
    1. Click the blue Attach Receipt Image next to the expense (Figure 5).
    2. A pop-up box will appear, choose an image, or upload a receipt you want to attach. 

How to Attach Multiple Receipts

Click the expense you want to add another receipt to.

  • Click the Add button. (Figure 6)
  • In the pop-up window, click on the receipt you wish to attach to the expense then click Add.
  • If you need to redo, click Remove and it will remove them all from the expense, but you will need to re-upload them again.
  • When finished, click Save Expense.

How to Attach Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation Required

It is required to attach supporting documentation to expense reports to show the business purpose for the expenses. Examples include conference or meeting agendas.

  • At the top of the report, click Manage Receipts, Manage Attachments (Figure 7).
  • Click Add
  • Choose file from your computer, Click Open.
  • You may upload multiple files. 

Note: The files will attach to the entire expense report, not to an individual expense. 

How to View All Attachments on the Report

  • Click Manage Receipts, View Receipts in New Window (Figure 7).  

How to Delete Attachments

There are two ways to delete attachments:

  • Attach a receipt to the line like you would normally when you do each expense on their own.
    • To delete the attachment, you would need to click on the receipt icon.
    • Click the Remove button to each line to remove it.
  • Go to manage receipts
    • Click Manage Attachments.
    • Click Add to add any other attachments to the report itself.
    • If you click the Delete button instead of Add, you will get rid of everything you added that is not tied to any line.
    • Once you complete with the documentation, click Submit Report.