Communities of Excellence

Seeking answers to global challenges, UB has established three new Communities of Excellence. Interdisciplinary teams are collaborating with faculty, students and practitioners in diverse fields using research, education and engagement activities to create integrated solutions.

The Community for Global Health Equity (GHE) is focused on the social, economic, political and environmental factors that contribute to global health inequities. Its aim is to influence policymakers, funders and practitioners in addressing problems ranging from child survival, growth and development to refugee health and wellbeing.

Partnering with area companies in advanced manufacturing and design to help shape education and national policy, the Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies (SMART) Community focuses on next generation technologies and processes for customizable production.

The Genome, the Environment and the Microbiome Community (GEM) is advancing genomic science and increasing genomic literacy through research, education and community outreach. This collaboration among the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities will empower all people in society's shift to more personalized medicine.

Communities Getting Started

The Communities of Excellence initiative emerged from the UB 2020 plan and will involve faculty from all the schools. “What is innovative about this initiative is that it’s brought together faculty from many different schools to develop new research programs, new academic programs and new ways to engage the community,” says UB Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Charles Zukoski,

“This is an exciting time for UB,” adds Zukoski. “I am proud of the outstanding effort our faculty have devoted to the development of the Communities of Excellence. Their leadership and creative engagement have benefited our entire academic community and will have lasting impact within our university and beyond.”

Communities of Excellence Contact

Chitra Rajan, Director

(716) 645-3321 


Our Next Step

"UB is known for interdisciplinary research and scholarship ... the next logical stage, therefore, is for our faculty to work together to find solutions to the most pressing challenges of our world through their research, education and engagement with our local and global communities."

Satish K. Tripathi