Researcher Impact: How we solve problems

Innovative research is at the core of our institution. It informs education, sparks inventions and propels a growing knowledge economy. UB researchers share their work, the problems they're solving and the impact it has on our changing world.

  • Chi Zhou: Guinness record for world's lightest 3-D printed structure

    "We didn't plan on setting a record, but it's certainly a nice recognition of our work. I think this helps show the enormous potential that graphene aerogel has in our daily lives."

  • Omer Gokcumen: Genetics rendezvous with Neanderthals?

    "This (Middle East and Turkey) is where humans first settled when they left Africa. It may be where they first met Neanderthals. From the standpoint of genetics, it's a very interesting region."

  • Qiaoqiang Gan: Tiny and powerful device converting light into energy

    "We've created an exceptionally small and extraordinarily powerful device that converts light into energy. The potential applications are exciting because it could be used to produce everything from more efficient solar panels to more powerful optical fibers."

  • Praveen Arany: Using water to change a cell's destiny

    “The findings from this study add a fascinating new tool to our understanding and utilization of stem cell biology for regenerative medicine.”

  • head shot of UB President Satish Tripathi.
    UB President Satish Tripathi: UB at center of thriving entrepreneurship hub

    "Through our extensive faculty expertise, our longstanding engagement in the community, and our established record of student and faculty entrepreneurial collaborations—in areas ranging from the life sciences and materials science to IT and sustainability—UB has created a dynamic environment where entrepreneurship can grow and flourish."

  • Christina Orsi: Innovation Hub to spin inventions into startups

    Successful startup communities ... "all have strong ties to research institutions and universities as sources of innovation. They also have early stage venture capital and connections ... The Hub brings this together to help accelerate the number of new inventions spinning out of our institutions into startups that grow WNY."