Enter Personal Car Mileage

Submit your allowable personal car mileage expenses for reimbursement.

How to Enter Personal Car Mileage

1. Create a New Expense Report

On the Concur home page, there are two ways to start a new expense report:

  1. In the top menu bar, click Expense, then click Create New Report.
  2. In the Quick Task bar click New, then click Start a Report.

2. Complete the Report Header

On the expense report header, complete the required fields  with an asterick:

  • For Report Type, choose Travel.
  • For Start and End Dates, enter the dates you incurred the mileage expense.
    • If your report is for mileage from multiple days, enter the first and last dates of travel.
  • For Start Time and End Time, enter begin and end times
  • For more information, refer to the tip sheet Complete the Expense Report Header.
  • Answer the question Is this is a Travel Reimbursement?
    • Click Yes if your report meets travel status for per diem, meaning you are engaged in official university business at a distance of more than 35 miles from your designated workstation and place of residence.
      • Note - If this is a one-day trip, then use the “Single Day Per Diem” expenditure codes and allowed amounts. You do not need to create a travel itinerary.
    • Click No If your report does not meet travel status for per diem.
  • When finished, click Create Request. 

3. Enter Personal Car Mileage Expense

  • Click Add Expense. Search and select Personal Car Mileage.
  • Complete the required fields with a red asterisk (Figure 1):
  • Transaction Date — enter the date you incurred the mileage expense.
    • If your report is for mileage from multiple days, enter the last date you traveled.
  • Report Trip or Purpose — this is prepopulated from the report header.
  • Purpose of the Trip — enter the reason for the mileage expense.
  • Mileage Calculator — use to determine the total distance in miles you traveled for one or two trips (Figure 1). 
    • Note - When you use the Mileage Calculator, you will enter the From and To locations and it will automatically determine the distance and calculate it for you.
  • From and To Locations— enter the addresses of your starting and ending locations.
    • If your report is for mileage from multiple days, enter the locations on your last day of travel.
  • Distance — enter the total distance in miles you traveled.
    • If your report is for mileage from multiple days, attach a mileage log to your expense report as supporting documentation.
Deduct Your Commute

When using the mileage calculator, check the box Deduct Commute to exclude it from reimbursement.

  • In the Waypoints fields:
    • Enter your starting location in field A. 
    • Enter your ending location in field B.
    • If you have additional locations to input, enter in field C.
  • Click Calculate Route.
  • Check Personal to indicate the mileage is personal and exclude it from the report. You will not receive reimbursement.
  • Click Make Round Trip to calculate the mileage for a round trip.
  • Check Deduct Commute to exclude your commute from the report. You will not receive reimbursement:
    • Enter your Home and Office addresses in the fields.
    • Click Deduct Round Trip to deduct the round trip for your commute.
  • When finished, click Add Mileage to Expense.
  • When finished with expense click Save Expense.

4. Attach Receipts and Supporting Documentation