Create a Multiple Trip Itinerary

Create a multiple trip itinerary for your multi-leg travel expense reports.

How to Create a Multiple Trip Itinerary

1. Create a New Expense Report

On the Concur home page, there are two ways to start a new expense report:

  • In the top menu bar, click Expense, then click Create New Report.
  • In the Quick Task bar click New, then click Start a Report.

On the report header, complete the required fields indicated by an asterisk:

Claim Travel Allowance, at the bottom of the report: 

  • Is this a Travel Reimbursement? 
    • Click No, if you do not want to claim travel allowance.
      • Select if you are using Actual (meaning Receipted Meals). 
    • Click Yes, if you do want to claim travel allowance.
  • Click Yes, then click the Next button to go to the next screen.

2. Create a Multiple Trip Itinerary

Create New Itinerary

On the Create New Itinerary screen, keep section as “per diem” if you are creating a travel itinerary to calculate the meal per diems for the location you lodged. If you are submitting receipted meals, change to "Actual” (Figure 1).

Only Enter Cities You Lodged In

On your travel itinerary, only enter the cities you lodged in. If you had flight layovers, do not enter those cities.

In the New Itinerary Stop section, complete the required fields in red to record all legs of your trip

  • First, enter the departing leg of your trip (example: Buffalo to Albany) and click Save.
  • Then, enter the next leg of your trip (example: Albany to Syracuse) and click Save.
  • Repeat as needed to enter additional legs of your trip.
  • Finally, enter the returning leg of your trip (example: Syracuse to Buffalo) and click Save.
  • When finished, click Next.

Review Available Itineraries

On the Available Itineraries screen, review the itinerary you created then click Next (Figure 2).

For Per Diem, Edit Expenses and Adjustments

If you chose Per Diem as the meal selection, on the Expenses and Adjustments screen, click the checkboxes to exclude meals from reimbursement following the 7:00 a.m. — 7:00 p.m. travel guideline and to exclude meals that were provided (Figure 3).

  • The meal Allowance will recalculate based on the meals you excluded.
  • When finished, click Create Expenses.
  • If you chose Per Diem as the meal selection, the expenses would add to your report as Daily Meal Allowance.