Create a New Expense Report

Create a new expense report to submit your business travel or non-travel expenses for reimbursement.

How to Create a New Expense Report

1. Create a New Expense Report

  • Log in to Concur.
  • Before starting the expense report, upload all receipt and supporting documentation images to the system.
  • On the home page, there are two ways to start a new expense report (Figure 1):
  1. In the top menu bar, click Expense, then click Create New Report.
  2. In the Quick Task bar click New, then click Start a Report.

2. Complete the Expense Report Header

  • On the report header, complete the required fields.
    • For more information, refer to the tip sheet Complete the Expense Report Header.
    • If creating an expense report from an Approved Request, click on the blue Create from an Approved Request button at the top of the screen.
  • At the bottom of the Report Header, there is a question – Is this a Travel Reimbursement.  (Figure 2).
  • Click No for non-travel reimbursements.
    • Select “NO” if you are submitting a non-travel expense report, using receipts for your meal reimbursements, or if this is a one day trip and no lodging is involved.
  • Click Yes for travel reimbursements.
    • Select “Yes” if you are planning on asking for meal per diems. You will need to create a travel itinerary in order for Concur to calculate the meal per diem for the location you are lodging. You need to enter the date you departed along with the date that you returned.
  • When finished, click Create Report.

3. For Travel Reimbursements, Create New Itinerary

If the report is a travel reimbursement, on the Create New Itinerary screen complete the required fields (Figure 3):

  • Itinerary Name — this is the same as the Report Name, but you can change it for your itinerary.
  • Selection — choose Per Diem or Actuals depending on the meals you’re submitting for reimbursement.
  • New Itinerary Stop section — enter your travel itinerary.
    • First, enter the departing leg of your trip.
      • Enter the Departure City, Date and Time, and the Arrival City, Date and Time on the same day. Click Save.
    • Next, enter the returning leg of your trip.
      • Enter the Departure City, Date and Time, and the Arrival City, Date and Time on the same day. Click Save.
  • Repeat as needed to record all legs of your trip.
  • When finished, click Next.
  • On the Available Itineraries screen, review the itinerary you created, then click Next (Figure 4).
  • On the Expenses and Adjustments screen, if you chose Per Diem as the meal selection, review the meals you wish to submit for reimbursement (Figure 5).
    • Click the checkboxes to exclude meals from reimbursement following the 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. travel guideline, and to exclude meals that were provided.
    • The Allowance will recalculate based on the meals you excluded.
    • When finished, click Create Expenses.
    • If you chose Per Diem as the meal selection, the meals you claimed will appear on your report as Daily Meal Allowances.

4. Add Expenses to Report

  • For both travel and non-travel reimbursements, add your expenses to the report.
    • Click Add Expense. (Figure 6).
  • Choose an Available Expense or Create New Expense (Figure 7)
  • Available expense
    • Will be added to report, update as needed.  
  • New Expense
    • Complete the required fields with red asterisk and attach the required receipts. Also be sure to attach supporting documentation by clicking on the Upload Receipt Image (Figure 8)
  • After entering all expenses, view any exceptions that indicate errors on the report and correct them.
  • When finished, at the top of the report click Submit Report.