Putting Experience to Work

fay stoloff.

Being a leader on campus has helped Fay Stoloff meet hundreds new people. Now, it’s helping her achieve another goal: getting a job.

Looking for Opportunities

Like many students, Fay recognized the value of leadership experiences even before she came to UB. She was a field hockey team leader in high school, and also served on regional boards for youth groups. So when she came to UB, she knew she wanted to be active—but she also wanted to gain concrete skills that would help her stand out as an Urban and Public Policy major. “I feel like whether you’re in communications, or you have a social science degree, or even if you’re in STEM, it’s nice to have leadership skills,” says Fay. “It helps employers realize you’re well-rounded.” Some job descriptions even require that students have had leadership roles in college.

Gaining Leadership Skills

Acting as a Leadership Advocate (now a Student Engagement Ambassador), Fay provided support to students in other leadership programs, developed workshops for students, and helped plan community engagement and experiential learning activities. Leadership Advocates also attended leadership conferences, took advantage of unique networking events, and gained hands-on experience that translates directly to the workplace. 

Being involved helped me meet more people on campus."

Learning on Campus — and Around the World

Since her freshman year, Fay has found numerous opportunities to build her leadership skills at UB. In addition to serving as a Leadership Advocate, Fay lived in Leadership House—a living learning community for freshmen—and participated in Alternative Break, which gives students the opportunity to volunteer in communities throughout the US during their school breaks.

But perhaps Fay’s most memorable leadership activity at UB was a trip to Italy as part of the Student Leadership International Dialogue and Exchange (SLIDE) program, which gives students a global perspective by exposing them to leadership styles and cultures from around the world. “I didn’t think I’d have time to study abroad,” says Fay, “so having SLIDE was the next step.” Through SLIDE, Fay met with student government leaders in Rome, learned about national healthcare issues in Venice, and studied nonprofit organizations in Florence. “When one of the jobs I applied for saw that I did SLIDE and was already engaged on campus, they really liked that. They liked that I’m involved at UB.”

Applying Her Experience

 “I had to do a 30-minute presentation for an interview,” says Fay, “and I did it using the skills I got from being a Leadership Advocate on campus.” Through her leadership experience at UB, Fay has learned how to create presentations, plan a conference, speak in public and work effectively with supervisors—all skills that give her a clear advantage in her job search. 

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