Career Readiness Redefined

Maulikkumar Dhameliya, U B Campus Dining and Shops.

Maulikkumar Dhameliya thrives off the energy and intensity of working in one of UB’s most highly trafficked campus eateries, learning to be flexible and efficient.

Feeling at Home

After moving to Buffalo from his native Gujarat, India, UB’s Campus Dining & Shops gave Maulikkumar a new place to call home. He was able to establish relationships and appreciate new people and diverse cultures. “You can’t learn that in class,” said Maulikkumar. “You have to talk to people to really get to know them. I soon discovered that my job really helped me feel comfortable being far from home.”

Rewarding Hard Work

Maulikkumar quickly established himself as a reliable, hard worker. Whether he was shuffling different positions within the Student Union food court or training new employees, he was a resourceful team member. This hard work did not go unnoticed. Soon Maulikkumar was recommended for a student manager position, ultimately giving him even more responsibility and an opportunity for management experience.

“I'm always curious and I always ask questions. It's the best way to learn.”

Making an Impact

As an international student, Maulikkumar’s position in Campus Dining & Shops worked around his class schedule and gave him satisfaction knowing he was making a positive impression on campus. “I leave work feeling good, like I helped make an impact. It’s never boring – if you are passionate, the time goes fast.”

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