Recognizing the Value of Mentorship

u b alums and coworkers isha pandey and erin crawford.

Realizing on-campus job experience would be a good way to immerse herself in the UB community, Isha Pandey started working at the Union Marketplace & Eatery.

Finding the Dream Job

The environment at the Union Marketplace & Eatery allowed her the opportunity to engage with students and truly value and respect the mentoring she received from supervisors, like Mary Jo Butler. Isha received regular on-campus job training where she learned professionalism, time management and strong communication skills.

Additionally, UB, and the Union Marketplace & Eatery specifically, made her feel welcome from the moment she stepped on campus. So much so, that when she went to look for jobs after graduation, staying in Buffalo was at the top of her list. Through the UB STEM UP career fair and Bullseye powered by handshake, it didn’t take long for Isha to find her dream job.

Set Up for Success

As a manufacturing engineer, Isha now works at an international pharmaceutical company just outside of Buffalo. The skills she learned working on-campus, combined with her classroom coursework set her up for post graduate employment. “Juggling work with your class schedule, and communicating with your supervisors to balance it all really set me up for success after graduation. I feel totally comfortable talking to my superiors and prioritizing the jobs I have to do and I attribute much of that to my on-campus job experience,” said Isha.

I carry the lessons I learned while working at the [Union Marketplace & Eatery], with me everywhere I go."

Students interested in the Here to Career program should contact:

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