Making the Most of UB

Alexa Federice, orientation leader.

After an engaging and rewarding first-year orientation, Alexa Federice knew she wanted to get involved and make the most of her UB experience.

Acclimating to Life on Campus

Alexa believes getting involved early helped her have a great UB experience. “You only have four years, have fun and enjoy it,” says Alexa. In her time at UB, she’s studied abroad, started a cultural club and helped hundreds of students get adjusted through her on-campus job as an Orientation Leader. She did all of this while double majoring in Political Science and Italian.

You only have four years, have fun and enjoy it.

Helping Others Find Their Way

When Alexa went to her first-year orientation as a wide-eyed freshmen, she instantly felt welcomed by her Orientation Leaders and knew she wanted to be that person for other first-year students. Since then, she’s interacted with thousands of students while developing her leadership and mentor skills.

Finding Your Niche

Realizing there wasn’t an Italian Club on campus, Alexa decided to start her own. Now the Italian Student Association has dozens of members and regularly hosts events and activities to celebrate Italian culture and heritage. Coupled with her study abroad experience in Florence, Italy, Alexa was able to find her niche and fulfill her passions.

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