Looking Forward to a Lifelong Career

amy watson.

Amy Watson knows that different roads can lead to the same destination. A non-traditional student, Amy learned to maximize her time to reach her goals.

Incredibly Helpful

Her experience with the Career Design Center began with a 15-minute drop-in appointment, and has turned into a lasting relationship. One of Amy’s biggest challenges was organizing her collection of certificates, awards, community service and leadership experiences into her resume and portfolio.

The staff at the Career Design Center provided Amy with a template and ongoing feedback as she worked hard to make her presentation as professional as possible. “I feel like I was just another student—I blended in—until I came here.” Our staff worked with Amy until her portfolio was in great shape, and she’s been using it ever since. As she noted, “It’s something that I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

Creating Valuable Connections

A true go-getter, Amy has also taken advantage of a number of networking and skill building opportunities provided by the Career Design Center. She joined the Real Experience And Leadership Mentoring (REALM) program, a one-day shadowing program where students can meet and interact with a mentor in their field of interest. “I got to see all the different possible professions that I could go after with the degree.”

My portfolio was really intimidating. They gave me the push to go do it, and gave me really good constructive criticism.”

Amy enthusiastically credits her experience with the Career Design Center for significantly impacting her personal growth, academic success and most importantly, her confidence. “In college, people can be very unsure of who they are… it’s a time in life where you’re very unsure of how well you can do different things.” She plans on using her newfound skills in a career working with lower income families and troubled youth.

A Lasting Impact

After experiencing all the UB has to offer, Amy firmly believes that the services available through Student Life have a domino effect. Students take the information they learn, then go out and share it with others throughout the university—and far beyond. “Students can take the skills they learn here and apply them to bigger problems.”

Students interested in career development and guidance should contact:

University at Buffalo
259 Capen Hall, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-2231