Meeting More People

Rami Cesar, UB Marching Band.

When Rami Cesar transferred to UB, he quickly joined the Marching Band. Now, Rami is able to fulfill one of his lifelong passions and make tons of new friends.

Opening Up to New Experiences

Joining the band, like any group or club on campus, “seems intimidating, but it’s really not,” says Rami. The key is to have a positive attitude, and recognize that everyone is there for the same reasons—to have fun, and do something they love. “It’s really like joining a family,” he adds.

Making it through band camp is an achievement, looking back and saying `I learned all of this in a week.’ “

Networking With Other Students

“You learn so much just from talking with somebody else,” says Rami. Getting different perspectives is part of going to college—and growing your network can help you during your time at UB, and after graduation. In fact, Rami met all of his roommates through band, as well as subjects for his photography sessions (Rami is a Studio Art major with an interest in photography).

Managing His Time

When you join a group like band, you might wonder how you’ll get everything done. For Rami, like most students, “it was challenging at first.” But once you get through the first few days, he says, you realize that you can do it—and find ways to be even more efficient. “You start to become more aware of how limited your time is each day,” adds Rami, “and learn how to optimize it to get the most done.”

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