Facing Unexpected Crisis

Abhi along Lake LaSalle.

An unexpected crisis turned Abhi Bhardwaj's life upside down. With his family overseas, Abhi relied on UB's student support resources to help get him back on track.

A Helping Hand

When Abhi Bhardwaj faced an unexpected crisis during the school year that impacted a place for him to live, he wasn’t sure where to turn. UB Student Life provided Abhi with care and access to basic needs, and helped him arrange easy, on-campus housing to ensure he was able to persevere through his academic schedule and graduate on time. 

With my family in a different country, it made me feel safe to know there was someone on campus to take care of me.”  

Home Away From Home

An international student from India, Abhi came to UB with hopes and dreams of completing his degree in biomedical engineering. Abhi’s unforeseen circumstances hindered his day-to-day life. Like many UB students who are far from home, Abhi wasn't sure what campus resources were available to him when he found himself without a place to stay.

When alerted to the situation, the Dean of Students Office was there to help.  Abhi moved to safe and stable on-campus housing,  and staff in the Dean of Students Office helped him establish counseling and medical care, along with obtaining resources to make sure he had access to basic student needs. Above all,  staff provided essential support so Abhi didn’t have to navigate his hardship alone, resulting in the successful completion of his academic courses and ultimately graduating on time.

Supporting the Student Life Emergency Fund

The UB Student Life Emergency Fund provides support to eligible students who are experiencing an unforeseen hardship that could impact their ability to remain enrolled in school. Temporary financial assistance is available for immediate and current emergency situations. Learn more about the Student Life Emergency Fund.

I really had no clue about all the resources available here. If I didn’t have the Student Life Emergency Fund, my whole life would’ve been shattered.”

Students in need of assistance, can consult with:

University at Buffalo
315 Student Union, North Campus
Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-2982; Fax: (716) 645-2260