Change your UB voicemail greeting

Record a customized greeting to be played when people are sent to your voicemail, or use a standard greeting.

Changing your greeting

Greetings can be changed using any telephone, or from the Personal Communications Assistant using a desktop computer; However, departmental mailboxes and those assigned to labs and general spaces must be updated using a telephone.

We suggest you create a script beforehand with the text of your message, and then read it while recording. Be sure to record away from background noises or distractions.

Method 1: Change your greeting from a telephone

  1. Log into the system:
    • Using your UB phone:
      1. Press the line key
      2. Press the Messages button
      3. Enter your UB phone PIN
    • Using an outside telephone:
      1. Call the UB voicemail system at 1-716-645-3333
      2. When you hear the system menu, press *
      3. Sign in using your UB phone number and PIN
  2. Press 4 to access Setup Options
  3. Press 1 to access Greeting Options
  4. Follow system prompts to select, record, turn on greetings and edit other greetings

Note: you can press # to skip playback of your greetings

Method 2: Change your greeting with the Personal Communications Assistant

  1. If you are off-campus, connect to UBVPN
  2. Sign into the Personal Communications Assistant using your UBITName and password.
  3. Select Messaging Assistant
  4. Select Greetings from the menu bar at the top of the screen
  5. Select the name of the greeting you want to update

You can enable or disable a greeting using the radio buttons at the top of the pane. The standard greeting cannot be disabled, however, the alternate greeting can be enabled in its place. Choose your own recording or use the system default.

To update your recording use the recording tool in the center of the page:

  • With the slider set to computer: Press the Record button to begin recording a greeting from your computer's microphone
  • With the slider set to phone: Enter your UB phone number or other 7-digit local number. The voicemail system will call you back to record or play back a greeting

When you have finished recording, press Save.

Available greetings

There are 5 available greetings with standard UB phone service. Choose the one that best matches your needs.

Most popular greetings

The following options allow your UB voicemail to have a custom greeting for callers who reach your voicemail, or a temporary greeting you can set when away.

  • Standard:
    • The standard greeting is the default greeting enabled on all UB voicemail boxes
    • Record a greeting to customize the message callers hear when they reach your voicemail
  • Alternate:
    • The alternate greeting can be easily enabled or disabled from the Setup Options menu, or from the Personal Communications Assistant
    • Choose a date and time to end this greeting, without replacing your standard greeting
    • Record and activate this greeting for callers to hear a temporary message, such as when you are out of the office or need to leave an important announcement

Advanced greetings

Advanced greetings provide additional functionality for power users, but require additional setup.  Contact the UBIT Help Center if you are interested in any of these options and require assistance:

  • Busy:
    • The busy greeting is heard if you are already on the phone with multiple callers
    • When your line reaches the maximum number of calls (standard is 2), your line will not ring and callers instead hear the busy greeting.
    • If you use the Decline or Divert buttons to decline a call, callers hear the standard greeting
    • If you need assistance handling many calls, contact the UBIT Help Center to adjust the maximum number of calls you can receive
  • Closed (for use with schedules):
    • The closed greeting is heard by callers if your mailbox has a schedule, and it is outside of open hours
    • If you primarily answer the phone during specific hours and want to let callers know you're not available or to arrange an alternate contact
    • Schedules are fixed weekly, and can only be updated by technical staff
    • Contact the UBIT Help Center to discuss greeting schedules if you need to direct callers outside of business hours
  • Internal (for use with system callers)
    • The internal greeting is heard if a caller is identified by the UB voicemail system (such as by calling from a UB phone or from the Send Message option in their voicemail box) and leave you a message
    • If you often receive calls from colleagues and offices at the university and need to provide information such as a cell phone number you do not wish outside callers to hear, enable this greeting
    • If you are frequently away from your desk and need to handle internal calls, consider Single Number Reach or Cisco Jabber to keep in touch on the go instead
Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.