Link your UB phone and cellphone

Set up Single Number Reach (SNR) so that calls to your UB number can be answered on either your UB phone or an  associated personal cellphone. Your UB extension will appear in the caller ID when you place calls with either phone.

Using Cisco Jabber?

If you use Cisco Jabber on your mobile device, set up Dual Mode instead.

On this page:

Set up Single Number Reach in the Self-Care Portal

1. Launch the Self-Care Portal

2. Enter your UBITName  and UBITName password.  Click Sign In.

3. From the My Phones menu, navigate to the Additional Phones section. Select Add an additional phone so you can be reached when you are not at your desk. 

4. Complete the Additional Phone settings.  

  • Phone Number or URI: This is the cell phone number, which will ring following a two second delay, along with your UB phone, when this feature is enabled. See below phone number formats.
    • 716 Area Code: +1716XXXYYYY
    • All other area codes: +1XXXYYYZZZZ
  • Description: A text description of the device that will ring.
  • Enable Single Number Reach: This feature will ring the remote destination at the same time your UB phone rings. By default, this service is set to "always on" when enabled.  If this feature is selected, you can also create a schedule for specific times that the cell phone will ring.  
  • Enable Move To Mobile: This feature allows you to transfer active calls to and from your UB phone and cell phone.
  • Advanced call timing: The parameters in this section are system defaults which for most people do not have to be modified. If modifications are made it is recommended you re-test for correct feature functionality.

5a.  Enable Mobile Connect to transfer active calls from your UB phone to your cell phone by pressing More Options

5b.  Page to the Mobility Softkey and press it.

6. The Current Mobile status is listed, MobileConnect On or MobileConnect Off.

7. Press the Select softkey to enable MobileConnect or the Exit softkey to not save changes.

NOTE: If MobileConnect is disabled, it is not automatically re-enabled via your SNR schedules in the Self-Care Portal and will remain off until manually re-enabled from the UB phone.

Send an active call to your cell phone

1. When on an active call, press the More softkey.

2. Press the Mobility softkey to display the MobileConnect options.

3. Press the Select softkey to send the call to the cell phone or Exit for the call to remain on your UB phone.

Send an active call to your UB phone

  1. End the call on your cell phone which automatically places the call on hold on your UB phone set for 10 seconds.
  2. Press the Resume softkey on your UB phone to pick up.

NOTE: If your phone call was completed on your cell phone or you did not press the Resume softkey within 10 seconds, the call is automatically ended.

Create a schedule for Single Number Reach

A schedule can be created to limit when the Single Number Reach service operates to only certain days and times of the week.

1. Select your phone number under Additional Phones. Click the gear icon and choose edit. 

2. Check the box for Enable Single Number Reach. Select Create a schedule for this assignment.

3. On the Add a New Schedule page:

  • Provide a name
  • Select Ring only during specific times
  • Check the box(es) next to the applicable days of the week
  • Provide a start and end time for each day in military time
  • Important:  You must manually set the time zone to (GMT-5:00) America/New_York
    • Select the Time Zone pulldown arrow at the bottom
    • Click on More choices, you will have to do this ten times before seeing the correct time zone

4. When complete the schedule will look similar to this example.

Common questions

What happens to a Single Number Reach call which is not answered?

We try our best to direct callers to our UB voicemail under most circumstances. If you wait a ring or so and hit Decline on your cell it will still go to your cell voicemail.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.