Campus paging (available by request)

The university can provide both routine and emergency paging.  


The SA-Announce product from Syn-Apps works in conjunction with the campus phone system.  All current campus phones are supported endpoint devices for this service with the page being played through the speakerphone.  SA-Announce can also use a number of certified third-party devices, such paging speakers or strobe lights, which are compatible with the campus VoIP system.

Further details on third-party devices can be found on the Syn-Apps website.

Each device is placed within a paging group as an endpoint and each paging group is assigned a unique dial code.  Paging group members can dial the code and enter a security PIN to begin paging.  Pages may be routine in which busy phones within the group do not receive the page or as an emergency in which all group phones receive the page, regardless of status.

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