Dual Mode for Mobile

Dual Mode is a configuration type which supports enhanced mobility over Single Number Reach and Cisco Jabber alone. Dual Mode allows  a Jabber Mobile customer to register their mobile number as a remote destination, tethered to the Dual Mode device.

Operating System: Android and iOS

Applies To: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: March 19, 2020

About Dual Mode

Whereas Jabber is only active when registered, and Single Number Reach is controlled by manual toggle or schedule, Dual Mode allows  a Jabber Mobile customer to register their mobile number as a remote destination, tethered to the Dual Mode device.

  • When the device is registered, such as you recently opened or are using the Jabber client, calls will be sent to this client automatically.
  • If the Jabber client is unregistered, such as during a state transition (moving to Wi-Fi), the client is closed, or no mobile data, the Unified Communication Manager will sent calls to the supplied mobile destination automatically.

Why Dual Mode?

Cisco recommends using Dual Mode when receiving calls whenever possible is important to the Cisco Jabber customer. 

There are times when Jabber may not be available or connected, and a call may be coming in. In order not to miss it, Dual Mode will automatically fork the call towards a supplied remote destination.

With Single Number Reach, the system will always fork this call, treating the mobile device as an extra, separate phone.

If both the Jabber client and the mobile phone's dialer are ringing simultaneously, it may not be possible to answer either call.

Configuring Dual Mode

Note: Single Number Reach currently supports national US numbers only. International destinations are not allowed.

  1. Sign in the Self Care Portal and select Phones from the top menu.
    Note: You must use a VPN when connecting to the self-care portal from off campus.
  2. Select My Phones from the left sidebar.
  3. Locate your Cisco Dual Mode for iPhone or Cisco Dual Mode for Android device, and select the Gear icon.
  4. Choose either Add Single Number Reach, or, if you've already configured the service, Edit Single Number Reach.
  5. Enter the mobile number or URI you'd like to reach, and a description if required.
  6. Check the box to Enable Single Number Reach to enable this functionality.
  7. If desired, click Create a schedule for this assignment to schedule the hours your phone will ring, in case you choose to sign out of Jabber while at home or on the weekends.
  8. You can optionally click  Advanced Call Timing  to choose additional settings to help avoid calls landing in the mobile mailbox. Most customers do not require an adjustment of this setting.
  9. Click Save.

Removing Dual Mode

It is presently not possible to remove Dual Mode configuration once it has been added. You can uncheck the box labeled Enable Single Number Reach to disable this functionality. 

If you require your mobile destination removed from the system, contact the UBIT Help Center and open a ticket.

Common Questions

Do I have to request Dual Mode service?

Dual Mode is a standard part of Jabber mobile. If you have requested voice and video provisioning for a mobile device (iPhone or Android), the Dual Mode functionality is included.

Can I use Dual Mode and Single Number Reach?

Yes, but not with the same number.

  • You can enter additional destinations for Single Number Reach in the Self Care Portal. They don't have to be cell phone numbers, but could instead be a home number, or a SIP URI. They should not be another University number.
  • If you would like to force calls to your mobile at all times (not just on cellular data) while also using Jabber Mobile, configure Single Number Reach and not Dual Mode.
  • You can turn on and off Single Number Reach from within the Cisco Jabber client as well if needed.

I receive an error saying the destination is in use when I attempt to configure Dual Mode.

A mobile destination can only be used once. You cannot specify the destination as both a SNR destination at the bottom of the Self Care Portal and under Dual Mode at the same time.

If you believe this message is in error, contact the UBIT Help Center for assistance. Technical staff will locate the source of the issue.

Can I configure multiple destinations for Dual Mode?

No, only a single number may be configured. Configure the mobile number of the phone in use with Jabber Mobile. The service is not intended to be used with other numbers.

Will others see my mobile number?

No, the number is stored within the data systems and would only be visible to technical staff for troubleshooting purposes. Callers will not see your number.

Callers may, however, hear your mobile voicemail greeting depending on the circumstances of the call. Many providers, by default, read back the number reached in the voicemail greeting.

Can I still send calls to my mobile using Mobile Connect, while using Dual Mode?

Yes. When you select Move my call to mobile, the system will send the call to your Dual Mode Jabber client, if registered. It will otherwise ring your mobile number directly.

If you're leaving Wi-Fi or data coverage, and want to take the call directly on your mobile, without revealing your number (such as by transferring the call), either sign out of Jabber first, or use the Move to Mobile option within the Jabber Mobile client.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.