Manage voicemail from a browser (Web Inbox)

Voice message playback, download, sorting and cleanup are easy with Web Inbox, designed for managing a large number of saved voice messages.

On this page:

Log into Web Inbox

  1. If you are off-campus, establish a secure connection with UBVPN
  2. Go to Web Inbox
  3. Log in using your UBITName and UBITName password. 

The Web Inbox interface

Web Inbox Controls.

The parts of the Web Inbox tool are as follows:

  1. The account you are logged in with
  2. Sign out of the Web Inbox
  3. View Web Inbox software license information
  4. Open the Messaging Assistant Web Tool in a new browser window or tab
  5. View and manage messages in your Inbox folder
  6. View and manage messages in your Deleted folder
  7. View and manage messages in your Sent folder
  8. Compose a new message
  9. Refresh the current page (Web Inbox does not automatically refresh)

Messages in the Web Inbox

Web Inbox Message Area.

Parts of the message area:

  1. Message is marked Urgent.
  2. Message is marked Secure.
  3. When you select a message in the message list, the message becomes highlighted, and additional controls are available for downloading the message audio, replying to the message, forwarding it, etc.
  4. When you select a forwarded message, the introduction plays. The original message appears as a separate, indented entry below the introduction.
  5. To download and save a message right-click on the link message.wav below the selected message and choose save link as
  6. Reply only to the sender.
  7. Reply to the sender and all recipients.
  8. Forward the message to another voicemail box.
  9. Mark the message unread.
  10. Play the message audio, or pause playback.
  11. Delete the message. (Deleted messages saved temporarily for 7 days, this action moves the message to the Deleted folder.)

Play back messages

web inbox audio controls.
  1. Change the audio playback volume (available only when computer is selected as the playback and recording device).
  2. View the number of messages in the folder and scroll through pages of messages if there are more than 25 messages in the folder.
  3. Enter your UB Phone telephone number, and Voicemail will call you at your extension to make a recording or to play audio. You speak and listen through the phone handset or speakerphone.
  4. Computer audio, using the computer microphone and speakers or other default audio device, to make a recording or play audio.

Archiving voicemail


  1. After accessing the Web Inbox, click on the message you want to archive. The area around this message will be highlighted, and additional options will be displayed below the message information.
  2. A hyperlink labeled message.wav will be displayed, providing a link to the recording of this voicemail message.
  3. Click on the message.wav text to download it using the browser's default action, or right-click to take further action such as Save As.

This recording is the same as is heard through the UB Voicemail system, but you may wish to re-name it to identify who it was from or when it was received.

Messages are .WAV PCM uLaw recordings.

Voicemail Retention and Guidance

Voicemail messages of value, such as those considered records, should be archived using the appropriate electronic filing system. Other messages should be erased when they are no longer of use. See the Record Retention and Disposition Policy for more information about record retention. For more information on what recordings may constitute a record under university, SUNY or New York state regulation, contact your departmental administrative personnel.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.