Get notified of new voicemail by email

Faculty and staff can receive an email notification when a new voicemail arrives. Unlike forwarding voicemail to email, no message recording is attached. 

If you prefer, you may request technical staff set up email notifications for you. Provide a description of your request in the Additional Information field. Department mailboxes and those for labs or general access areas are not generally eligible for this feature.


  1. If you are off-campus, connect to the UBVPN
  2. Go to the Personal Communications Assistant
  3. Log in with your UBITName and password
  4. Selecting Messaging Assistant 
  5. Select Notification Devices

Notification contents

Voicemail Notifications contain a brief summary of your UB Voicemail box, when you receive a new voicemail. The notification will include the following:

  • The count of new messages flagged as urgent by the caller
  • A total count of new messages
  • The caller ID of the most recent new message received with the time and date

For example:

A new voice message has been delivered

Urgent Voice Count: 1

Voice Count: 5

Voice message from 7165551212 received 11:31 AM 11/10/16

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