Retiree accounts to include Duo two-step verification beginning October 18

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Published September 26, 2022

UB retirees will join current employees and students who use Duo to protect their UB online accounts. Current retirees will be required to enroll in Duo before October 18 to prevent a disruption in service.

If you’re a current UB retiree, keep reading to learn about Duo: what it is, how it works to secure your account, and what you should do before October 18 to enroll your account.

What is Duo?


Duo is a form of two-step verification, a more secure way of logging in that supplements your existing password—something only you know—with an additional login prompt that you confirm from a personal device like a smartphone—something only you have.

By requiring something you know (a password) and something you have (a personal device) when logging in, two-step verification makes it significantly harder for someone to fraudulently log into your account.

The success of Duo at UB is proven; since Duo became required for UB student and employee accounts in 2019, the number of reported fraudulent logins has decreased by over 90%.

Now UB is extending Duo’s powerful security features to retiree accounts. Read on, or visit our online Duo guide, to see how to enroll your account and get ready for two-step verification.

How do I enroll?

Before October 18 (sooner is better), visit our Enrolling in Duo page, where you’ll be guided through the process of adding a device, like a smartphone, to your account.

Most people use a smartphone with the Duo Mobile app as their primary two-step option. Duo Mobile is a free download on iPhone and Android devices. You may also enroll a landline telephone or a dedicated security key. A complete list of eligible Duo devices can be found on the UBIT website.

Lastly, print backup passcodes to use in the event your primary two-step option is unavailable. Instructions for printing and using passcodes with Duo can also be found on the UBIT website.

Where can I go for help enrolling in Duo?

You can learn more about Duo on the UBIT website. For trouble enrolling or logging in with Duo, contact the UBIT Help Center, online at or by phone at 716-645-3542.