Strategic Portfolio Management

The Strategic Portfolio Management Office is responsible for helping to ensure that UB’s finite Information Technology resources are optimally focused on meeting the strategic goals of the University and assists in key operational programs. This is accomplished through:

  • Management of the portfolio of projects involving IT resources
  • Oversight of the Change Management Process
  • Oversight of the IT Vendor Questionnaire Process
  • UBIT Policy Writing

Strategic Portfolio Management

The SPMO facilitates communication and involvement among the various VPCIO units and our partners across the University. The team gathers and tracks information on the active and planned projects involving VPCIO resources to support project prioritization and resource capacity planning.

Portfolio Management Functions include:

  • Outreach and Engagement
  • UBIT Project Intake
  • UBIT Project Review Sessions
  • UBIT Portfolio Reporting

Change Management

UBIT Change Management ensures standard procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to IT infrastructure, whether it’s the rolling out of new services, managing existing ones or resolving problems.  The standard process also enables us to appropriately plan and schedule changes to minimize risk and maximize stability of technology services. Working closely with the Change Advisory Board, the Change Manager communicates to provide visibility and transparency about impending changes.

Software and Web-based Services Vendor Assessment (formerly IT Vendor Questionnaire)

The VPCIO Software and Web-Based Services Assessment team is responsible for reviewing and assessing software and web-based services used at UB. The team evaluates the effectiveness, efficiency, security and accessibility of these technologies to ensure that they align with UB policies.

An assessment is required when a unit wishes to purchase new software, renew existing software, request add-in integration with existing services, use cloud/web-based services, or any other technology that creates, collects or processes data on the university’s behalf. This requirement extends to free products or services as well as products or services developed on campus.

All requests for review must be formally submitted by IT staff. If you are a faculty or staff member, please contact your IT support staff to initiate the review process.

Please start the review process early to avoid purchasing delays and allow 30+ days for the review.

UBIT Policy Writing

The SPMO IT Policy Writer is responsible for working with VPCIO leadership to develop the policies required to properly manage the systems, data, and processes involved in university operations.

SPMO Team Members:

  • Kelly Kenline, Assistant CIO & Director, Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Lynn Collis - Change Manager
  • Kathleen Murphy - IT Relationship Manager
  • Brian Guy - IT Project & Relationship Manager
  • Tina Rimbeck - Policy & IT Relationship Manager
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