Software and Web-based Services Review

Learn more about the review process:  what it is, how to request a review and how to use the Software Catalog.

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UB's Software and Web-based Services Review is required to comply with federal and state regulations, SUNY and UB (University at Buffalo) policies, and industry best practice.

The goal is to identify potential problems before software is acquired or used to avoid serious consequences.

Our team of experts stay current on compliance requirements for accessibility, data security and business impact. The team consists of members from VPCIO staff and the Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Officer.

What kind of software requires a review?

  • Desktop applications
  • Third party add-ins/plug-ins
  • Web-based services (hosted software)
  • Server-based software requiring installation on UB servers
  • Any service or software accessed by students or the public via UB or third-party websites
  • Any software that contains or exchanges Personal Identifiers (PID) or HIPAA data
  • Any upgrade from current on-premises to cloud-based services or software
  • Open source, freeware, shareware, and no-charge products

Note: This review process applies to software with the expected value of less than $50,000 (calculated over the length of the contract), regardless of funding source. Software that exceeds $50,000 should be processed through Procurement and not reviewed prior due to potential conflict of interest concerns. Software review is included in the RFP process.

When to initiate a software review

 A software review can be initiated at any time:

  • When a faculty or staff person identifies a software need.
  • When a department is ready to move forward with a purchase or renewal.
  • When several products are being considered and a review could potentially help determine which product meets the data security and accessibility requirements.