Network and Communication Services (NCS)

The overarching function of Network and Communication Services is to engineer, implement and operate underlying communications systems and instructional technology systems throughout the university.

  • Network and Communication Services (NCS) is one of several operational departments in Computing and Information Technology, UB's central Information Technology division.
  • NCS staff are  located primarily in the Computing Center.


It can be argued there is no more important technology system to a university than its communication network. The staff of NCS strive to provide systems that are stable, reliable and consistent, so that UB has confidence in our ability to communicate. NCS members are valued for their top-notch expertise and dedication to quality service.


Network Communications

network closet and technician.

NCS staff plan, design, implement, manage and maintain UB's vast electronic network used to provide computer and telephone communications to all three campuses.

Data Center Operations

NOC Operator.

UB's distributed data centers are interlinked with campus data communications equipment. NCS operates the data communications equipment and provides oversight for the telecommunications rooms and server racking facilities that support UB's vast electronic infrastructure. 


NOC monitor.

NCS staff are vigilant 24 hours a day, virtually all year watching over networks, data centers and monitoring systems from a large number of servers that provide UB's computing functionality.

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