CIO Administrative Operations (CIOAO)

CIO Administrative Operations combines all the business and administrative support functions for CIT into one unit.  The staff of CIOAO perform transactional activities and administrative tasks so that technical staff can focus on their required duties.

  • CIOAO staff are located on the 4th floor of Capen Hall.

CIOAO Functions

Human Resource Administration

hr interview.

CIOAO staff support staff recruitment activities, processes all student and staff personnel paperwork including appointments and changes, time sheets and staff appraisals and programs.


contract signing.

CIOAO staff acquire goods and services for CIT including processing purchase requests, reimbursement paperwork, tracking and reporting; and  administer contracts and licenses.

Space Inventory and Management

floor plans.

CIOAO staff manage assigned space: plan moves and relocations, plan physical maintenance of assigned space, plan and acquire accoutrements.


hr interview.

CIOAO staff coordinate cost recovery for goods and services provided to university and non-university departments.

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