Comprehensive Fee Waiver Request

The Comprehensive Fee is a consolidation of campus-required fees which support several university services. The Comprehensive Fee is paid by all students at the University at Buffalo, unless they meet fee waiver eligibility.

Changes to Comprehensive Fee Waiver Eligibility Effective Fall 2020

In order to be eligible for the Comprehensive Fee Waiver, a student must be enrolled in an exclusively online degree program.  If you are taking all remote classes, you are not eligible for the fee waiver unless you are in an exclusively online degree program.

Fee Waiver Request Deadlines

Winter 2021 session: this request form will be available in mid November

Waiver requests for the fall semester were due by September 11, 2020.

Those students in online academic programs that have been previously approved by the Provost’s Office and registered by the New York State Education Department are eligible for the Comprehensive Fee waiver.  These programs are in distance education format, consistent with the student’s intention to take courses exclusively online at the time of application and matriculation toward the degree.

If you still believe you qualify for a fee waiver, submit the Comprehensive Fee Waiver Request form by the noted deadlines.

Employees of the university are not eligible for a fee waiver.

Waiver for Student Activity Fee

In order to receive a waiver of the Student Activity Fee, a student must contact the executive board of their student government to review their waiver request. In order to determine to which government you pay a Student Activity Fee towards, please refer to your billing statement.

Student Health Insurance

Waiving the Health Services Fee does not automatically waive the Student Health Insurance charge. For questions on how to waive your insurance charge, contact the Student Health Insurance Office at or visit

Contact for Questions

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