Amendments and Changes to Protocols

If, at any time, you need to change your protocol in any way, you must:

  • Use an Animal Use Protocol Amendment form;
  • Submit it as hard copy or electronically; and
  • Receive the IACUC approval before applying changes to your protocol.

The IACUC recognizes that research is dynamic and creative. If you need to make changes during the course of the project, you must submit a written justification to the IACUC, which must approve the variances before you implement them.

If your protocol changes involve the use of a biohazardous agent (e.g. radioisotope or toxic chemical) you will also need approval from other university oversight committees, such as the Radiation Safety Committee or the Biosafety Committee.

  • You need these other approvals first before the IACUC can approve protocol changes.

You can submit amendments at any time. We review them as received.