Published July 4, 2023

Copprium helping UB take conductive copper ink to next level

The Buffalo News, Buffalo Inno, and others report that Copprium — a startup using technology licensed from UB — is making big strides after winning an innovation award at the 2023 TechConnect World Innovation conference last month.

Brian Bischoff, a UB graduate and founder of Copprium, has collaborated with UB on several projects before, but has been developing an industry-changing conductive copper ink product over the last two and a half years. The $3.5 billion conductive ink market is currently dominated by silver, but companies are seeking copper products because it could be more cost effective. Copprium has plans to commercialize and bring the product to market in the coming months.

“I’ve learned a lot from my past experiences, and it led me to this opportunity,” said Bischoff, who works in one of UB’s incubators at Baird. “I really think it is going to be something big.”

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