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Twenty-nine UB students applied for what is considered one of the most prestigious academic awards in the world.


The event comes as UB and partners push SUNY effort for statewide research center.


In a theoretical study, physicists propose that perturbations in the orbit of stars near supermassive black holes could be used to detect wormholes.


Tablets and laptops have their educational virtues, but new research suggests they have limitations as well.


Faculty Experts


Beata Csatho

Chair of Geology

Expertise: climate change, sea level rise, Greenland Ice Sheet, Antarctic ice loss, glaciers, remote sensing, using satellite data and laser altimetry to measure the Earth

Phone: 716-645-4325



Jeffrey Miecznikowski

Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Expertise: statistical analysis

Phone: 716-881-8953



UB in the News


IEEE Spectrum quotes space debris expert John Crassidis on the risks associated with Amazon’s plan to send thousands of broadband internet satellites into space.


CNN featured John Leddy in an article about a study on the high school sports most likely to result in concussions and the effect of legislation on mandatory removal of players with signs of concussions.


An article in Fast Company written by G. James Lemoine breaks down the ethical dilemmas of lying in a job interview. 


Scientific American interviews Dejan Stojkovic about a forthcoming study in which he and a colleague detail a test to determine whether Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, harbors a wormhole. 

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