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Participants who ate a Western diet were three times more likely to develop late stage of this debilitating eye condition.


University Police arrested student-athlete Dylan McDuffie Saturday evening on domestic violence charges and referred the case to local authorities for adjudication.


Russell, whose specialty is mucosal immunology and vaccine development, was recognized for his novel approaches to mucosal immunization and the induction and function of secretory and serum IgA antibodies.


UB researchers study climate change using methodologies that range from Arctic field work to ice sheet modeling.


Faculty Experts


Jason Briner

Professor of Geology

Expertise: climate change, sea level rise, glaciers, ice sheets, Greenland Ice Sheet, Arctic environmental change

Phone: 716-645-4326



Danielle Meyer

Clinical Director of the Dietetic Internship Program in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

Expertise: fad diets (keto, carb-free), debunking nutrition myths, oncology nutrition, geriatric nutrition, supplements

Phone: 716-829-5652



UB in the News


An article in The Washington Post quotes Beata Csatho about a new study that states that Greenland is losing seven times more ice now compared to the 1990s.


Market Watch article quotes Elizabeth Bowen on how to help people who are homeless this holiday season.


A story in CityLab interviews Henry Louis Taylor about the consequences of Buffalo potentially becoming a climate refuge haven.


An article in the Los Angeles Times about volcanic activity in California quotes Marcus Bursik, who has worked extensively in the state, who said that unlie earthquakes, volcanic eruptions can drag on. 

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