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Howard Lasker

Professor of Environment and Sustainability
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Coral reefs; coral bleaching; climate change and oceans

Head shot of Howard Lasker, University at Buffalo coral reef expert.

Howard Lasker is an expert on coral reefs.

He and his students have studied topics that range from the feeding ecology of butterfly fish to the evolution of corals. Their work employs diverse techniques, combining scuba-based observations and field experiments with DNA sequencing and molecular studies to learn about corals and reef ecology.

Lasker is particularly interested in octocorals, commonly known as soft corals or gorgonians. He has led numerous research trips to the Caribbean, where he has spent years investigating the impact of climate change on coral communities. His work in the Caribbean has included assessing damage and recovery of reefs following hurricanes.

Lasker can speak to the media about his research, as well as how climate change is affecting reefs and oceans around the world.


Howard Lasker, PhD
Professor of Environment and Sustainability
Professor of Geology

University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences