University Statements

The following are official statements issued by the University at Buffalo.


UB researchers are conducting a rigorous and unbiased epidemiological study to help the public make long-term decisions that improve public health and reduce the risk of disease.


The University at Buffalo is strongly committed to good stewardship of state resources. This includes ensuring that university procurements are reasonable and appropriate, and optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of procuring goods in compliance with all New York state regulations guiding procurement.


Effective immediately, the building will be called the Pharmacy Building.


The revocation will be forwarded to the SUNY chancellor and subsequently to the SUNY Board of Trustees for consideration and action.


The illegal and unethical activities brought to light during the trial are in stark contrast to UB’s core values and our mission to improve lives, strengthen communities and positively change the world.


University at Buffalo President Satish K. Tripathi issued a statement today expressing the university’s condolences and deep sadness upon the death of UB student Sebastian Serafin-Bazan. Out of respect for the Serafin-Bazan family, this is the only statement the university will be making today


The University at Buffalo community is deeply concerned about the health and well-being of our student whose injuries, Buffalo Police suspect, may have resulted from hazing overnight.



The university has cooperated fully with the Office of the Inspector General’s investigation of this matter.


The University at Buffalo will end its sponsorship of the Linda Yalem Safety Run due to declining participation in an increasingly competitive local race market.