Our Services

Our work each year produces hundreds of stories about UB research/initiatives and quotations from UB faculty experts in such influential media as NPR’s Morning Edition, The New York Times, CBS Evening News, the Wall Street Journal and WebMD.

News releases, media advisories and video interviews produced by UB’s media relations team are posted to this site and are disseminated digitally to media outlets worldwide. This material also is used as content on websites throughout UB and within university publications and marketing materials.

  • University Media Contacts
    UB’s media relations team and communications officers from around the university are available to help promote university research, teaching and service efforts.
  • Emergency Communications
    The Division of University Communications plays an important role in our university's communications actions during emergencies, including sending out UB Alert messages through email and SMS/text and posting notices on our main websites.
  • Social Media and RSS
    UB’s media relations team targets influential online media sites and blogs, such as the Huffington Post and Politico.com, while we use X/Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to engage members of the public and provide interesting and useful information about UB. Our writers also share updates on their own social media channels, while our news releases are available as RSS feeds.
  • News Conferences
    Our office is authorized to organize and coordinate all university news conferences and plays a critical role in crisis communications and issues management. We also prepare UB faculty and administrators for news media interviews and serve as university spokespeople when appropriate. Contact us for more details.

Related Media Services

Guidance, tools and resources for official university communications prepared by the Division of University Communications.