Your classmates, your memories, our collective future. Discover the latest stories about bold UB grads and friends who are leading the charge, lending a hand and changing the world for the better.

  • Data storyteller

    As you binge the latest hit on Netflix, scientists like Kamer Toker-Yildiz, PhD ’14, are using data to optimize your experience—and that of its 183 million subscribers worldwide—and reach new audiences.

  • Treasures of Home
    It all began with a puzzle and a fierce competition between sisters.
  • Living Art Out Loud

    Visiting professor Michael Mwenso says he feels “very fortunate to be at UB and the Arts Collaboratory...and teach about Black music and how it can empower your life and make you be a deeper human being.”

  • A win-win situation

    Held in the nation’s center of political power, the presentation of this year’s 2022 Edwin F. Jaeckle Award drew from the highest echelons of the bench and bar.

  • Seizing the Moment
    From Malaysia to Afghanistan to Ukraine and beyond, Marcus Yam burrows into stories as a roving foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.
  • From Shy Student to Multimedia Master
    John Koltai (BA '04) was a shy kid from Amherst when he started at UB. Now, he's a full-time freelance designer, animator and director who has worked on films such as Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier and Thor: Ragnarok.

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