• Creating a buzz on North Campus

    Alex Dombrowski, biology major.

    Biology student Alex Dombrowski has turned her passion for bees into a physical, lasting legacy on campus.

Six Months at UB in Pictures


Bold Research

First Person

The extinct birds project
Alberto Rey, MFA ’87, educator/painter/filmmaker.

Boldly Buffalo

We've already made great progress with Boldly Buffalo. Take a look at some of the milestones our campaign has reached in seven years. The best is yet to come!  

UB Yesterday

1923 UB Women's Basketball Team photo.

Women take the field
In the fall of 1922, Lillias MacDonald, the newly appointed Dean of Women, helped to establish a physical education program for women at UB, which included the formation of the Women’s Athletic Association (WAA). Approximately 200 women attended the university at that time. Run by a student governing council, the WAA developed a foundation for UB women’s athletics that, according to the 1923 Iris yearbook, “would be strong enough to stand the test of time.”

Winter College

Enjoy a fun-filled learning getaway with your UB family, featuring classes, speakers, golf and sunshine.

Adventures Around the World

Discover other cultures and experience faculty lectures while traveling alongside fellow alumni and friends.

We Are Boldly Buffalo

Jim Smist is Boldly Buffalo. Are you?

The Boldly Buffalo campaign provides countless opportunities for students to discover passions and achieve dreams.