An aerial view of Lake LaSalle and North Campus on a sunny day.

Keep leading the charge

Once a UB grad, always a UB grad. You have exclusive access to UB’s global alumni network, special events, learning opportunities, and much more. Keep in touch, and let’s keep leading the charge — together.

Keep learning

An alumni providing feedback on a student's resume.

Attend classes and talks on a variety of subjects, including career coaching.

Grow your network

Go Bulls!

Find local events throughout the United States, and connect with other UB grads in your area.

Lend a hand

Alumni volunteers stock the campus food pantry.

See how you can help other alumni, current UB students and your community. 

Stay connected

Proud UB supporters.

Travel the world, attend local events, or connect with other grads from home.

The Bold Impact of UB Alumni

A heart and a coin representing the idea of paying it forward.

Paying it forward

Over 23,000 UB grads are investing in UB through the Boldly Buffalo campaign.

UB grads stand out amongst the rest.

Peerless pride

More than 100,000 UB grads connect every year through alumni programs.

UB graduates volunteer their time to their communities and their alma mater.

Bold service

Our grads volunteer more than 28,000 hours each year through UB events.

UB grads can be found all over the world.

Global reach

Alumni live and work in all 50 U.S. states and 150 countries worldwide.

Mark your calendar

Global Reunion Conference

Immerse yourself in engaging discussions with UB leaders, faculty and alumni at a day-long conference in the heart of Singapore. Reconnect your True Blue bonds with fellow graduates and expand your professional and personal networks.  

At Buffalo

Learn about amazing UB grads, groundbreaking discoveries, promising students and more in At Buffalo.

True Blue Banner.

These grads are #UBTrueBlue!

True Blue isn’t just a color, it’s a spirit. It’s an invitation to show your pride and celebrate our common connection. Get your horns up and share your latest #UBTrueBlue photo to be featured! 

Barbies dream house w/ UB pennant.

Our grads show off their True Blue spirit anywhere they can... even in Barbie's dream house! (Submitted by Ercan Sahin MS '21)

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We are Boldly Buffalo! Are you?

At UB, being bold means solving society's most complex challenges. Helping millions of people around the world accomplish what was thought to be impossible. And fostering more leaders to take the reins of the future. Together, we take pride in our place, celebrate our way, and build our bright future.

Boldly Buffalo: Our Place

Our Place

Buffalo: Our namesake, our heritage, our home. Every place you find a bull, we’ve earned it.

Boldly Buffalo: Our Way

Our Way

UB is more than a place—it's a way of shaping the world. Engaging ideas. And inspiring action.

Boldly Buffalo: Our Future

Our Future

We define our own future. We always have. Now, we’re demanding even more.