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Harness the strength of your alumi-powered global network with these services and resources.


Our free alumni webinar series highlights members of the UB community, as well as top career experts from around the globe, giving you smart strategies for success and helping you take the necessary steps to gain confidence both personally and professionally. 


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An interviewee shaking hands with a new employer, in the next stage of her career.

Career Design Fellowship

Wondering what comes next for your career? Now's the time to make a plan.

Whether you want more from your current role or you want to change careers entirely, we will help you get there!

The UB Alumni Association has partnered with the career design experts at Mission Collaborative to bring you this 30 day online program that will give you the clarity and confidence you need to create a fulfilling career that fits you.

Whether you're early, mid, or late-career, the Fellowship provides the structure and accountability you need to make the breakthrough progress you've been struggling to achieve on your own, while fitting into your busy schedule.

Career Resources

No matter where you are in your career or job search, alumni are ready to help you take your next bold step. Mentors, speakers, and career coaches from your alumni network are a few clicks away wherever you live.  

Students and alumni meet and network together.