Bold Means a Billion

The Boldly Buffalo campaign goal is $1 Billion

At UB, we’ve proven we can do anything when we come together. Our students have boundless ambition. Our faculty have unstoppable drive. And we’re fueling the future with discovery and innovation. Your generosity has emboldened our dreams and honed our vision: the Boldly Buffalo campaign is on an unprecedented course to raise one billion dollars. And with your continued bold support, we’ll make history together.


We’re building a culture of lifelong alumni and donor engagement around the world. Your'e invited to join a group of dedicated advancement professionals who help elevate UB and their own careers.

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What We Do

We advance the university by encouraging partnerships, providing opportunities for meaningful and enduring engagement around the globe, and by securing philanthropic and strategic investments.

Help and Support

Whether you're interested in supporting students, faculty, or the world now or into the future, we can help you invest in your passion by giving to UB. As a volunteer, an ambassador, or as a donor, you can help fuel UB's bright future.


Learn about the research and work students and faculty across the university do to make UB what it is today, and how it can change the future at one of our signature events.

Our Place, Our Way, Our Future

For 175 years, the University at Buffalo has made life better in Western New York and around the world with bold action and an unmatched tenacity. At UB, being bold means solving society's most complex challenges. Helping millions of people around the world accomplish what was thought to be impossible. And fostering more leaders to take the reins of the future. Together, we take pride in our place, celebrate our way, and build our bright future.

Boldly Buffalo: The Campaign for UB is the largest, most ambitious fundraising campaign in university history—a campaign that will transform UB in nearly every way imaginable.

Boldly Buffalo campaign video
Boldly Buffalo: Our Place

Our Place

Buffalo: Our namesake, our heritage, our home. Every place you find a bull, we’ve earned it.

Boldly Buffalo: Our Way

Our Way

UB is more than a place—it's a way of shaping the world. Engaging ideas. And inspiring action.

Boldly Buffalo: Our Future

Our Future

We define our own future. We always have. Now, we’re demanding even more.