Student Emergency Funds

Three ways you can help students in these funds.
Emergency funds raised to date:

When you make a gift to UB’s student emergency funds, you have an immediate, tangible impact on students in need and help our community remain strong. Some of UB’s most vulnerable students—those who rely on the university for food, income or housing—currently lack the resources that are critical to getting them through these difficult circumstances. You can support them through student emergency funds established in each of our academic units, as well as for student life, athletics and in our libraries.

  • Supplemental funding for those who rely on off-campus jobs for their income and are no longer able to work.
  • Laptops and other software/hardware for those who don’t have the necessary technology for distance learning.
  • A well-stocked food bank—Blue Table—for those who can’t access sources of healthy food.
  • “I was made aware of the emergency fund through a faculty member at UB. The assistance I received allowed me to replace a winter jacket and some winter clothes that were lost so I would have something warm to wear through the upstate New York winter. Thank you so much!! Your generosity and help has meant a lot to me and I hope you know your donations impact a lot of people in very meaningful ways!” -Anonymous, sophomore, undelcared

UB established this fund to help the members of our community, including faculty and UB alumni, working on the front line of this crisis in Western New York. Your contribution will support the critical efforts that are already underway and provide flexible funding that will enable us to quickly address the evolving needs in our community.

  • Conduct translational research for anti-viral drugs to combat COVID-19
  • Produce 3D printed masks to protect medical workers
  • Create COVID-19 testing kits and analyze testing results
  • Provide emergency dental care in our Squire Hall clinics
  • Fund behavioral and mental health services for underserved communities
  • Support telehealth and virtual appointment technologies

If you would like to discuss a gift or a pledge to one of UB’s emergency funds, please contact our University Advancement staff at or 716-645-2925. Thank you for investing in UB, our students and our community.

Coming together for our UB Community

Like every community at this time, the University at Buffalo is dealing with the challenges created by COVID-19. As we tackle the changing landscape of education, we are committed to supporting our students, who are the lifeblood of our university, and to remaining true to the tenets of Loyal Blue.

We are inspired by the number of alumni and friends who have asked how they can help UB support our students and community during these trying times. In response to these inquiries, we have created emergency funds that will allow you to contribute to the area of the university that matters most to you—whether funds for students from your school, a university-wide initiative or our efforts to stem the spread and impact of COVID-19 through the expertise of our faculty and UB-affiliated frontline healthcare workers. Wherever you choose to designate your gift, we are incredibly grateful for your generosity. Together we are #UBuffalo Strong.

A message from President Tripathi

“That we continue to uphold our mission and vision of excellence under such trying circumstances is nothing short of inspiring." -Satish K. Tripathi, President, University at Buffalo

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