student working on a large model.

Boldly Buffalo will transform UB and society in three distinct areas, each carefully chosen to have the ultimate impact throughout the university and around the world.

Our Students

student stringing yarn outside.

At UB, our students are at the very heart of everything we do. As we take great pride in their extraordinary achievements, we will continue to elevate and support them as they lead the way toward a bolder, brighter future.

Our Faculty

three people in a lab studying a sample.

Every day, our faculty members make progress toward solving some of society’s most complex problems. Now, we will expand our efforts to recruit and retain exceptional researchers, scholars and teachers.

Our World

group of people with windmills in the background.

From promoting clean air in Buffalo to documenting vanishing languages in Cameroon, UB’s impact is felt in every neighborhood throughout Western New York, and on every continent around the globe.

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