International Education

Opening the Doors for International Experiences and Engagement

International Education at UB helps internationalize the university by enabling more of our students to benefit from study abroad, fostering global partnerships and scholarly collaborations, facilitating the success of some of the world’s top students from around the world, and assisting international students in need.

Here is How We Offer Opportunities for All

UB’s doors are open to the world, and the world has responded enthusiastically, with students traveling from around the globe for the opportunity to study in Buffalo. Through philanthropy, we will help ensure the best and brightest who come to UB from abroad are successful , which in turn helps UB to continue to attract great students from around the world.

Here Is How the World Shapes Our Students

International students bring the world to our classrooms and help diversify our campus community. Thus, UB’s excellent reputation around the world helps domestic students as well, as we forge connections that lead to international networking, research opportunities and other initiatives. Philanthropy will expand international opportunities, allowing more students to gain critical career-preparation experiences and that will lead to success in an increasingly complex global economy.

Students from different backgrounds working together in a classroom with an instructor.
Filipino-American Student Association (FASA).

Here Is How We are Stronger, Together

At UB, our commitment to international education builds awareness of other cultures and strengthens conversations about what we have in common. It offers lessons in collaboration, inclusion and respect. And it contributes to discovering more ideas, which sharpens our research and promotes more effective outcomes throughout the university.  

We are seeking your investment in the next generation.

The Power of Your Investment

UB is one of the top 30 universities in the United States in terms of international enrollment, with students hailing from more than 100 countries. In an increasingly global society, we are proud to have the world represented  on our campuses, and to provide all of our students with the unparalleled opportunities that can only be found at a truly internationalized university. Your philanthropy will enable a richer experience for all students—including those from Buffalo, across the U.S. and around the globe .

UB Fund: Immediate Support for Students

When you give to the UB Fund, your gift today is made available to help support students today. It’s that immediate. Giving to the UB Fund helps ensure our students have everything they need to become thoughtful global citizens, with 100 percent of gifts used to enhance the student experience, including crucial support for research, study abroad, student emergencies and community service opportunities.

Students on the UBThisWinter study abroad in Jamaica pose for a group photo at Stush in the Bush, a sustainable Rastafarian farm.

Students on the UBThisWinter study abroad in Jamaica pose for a group photo at Stush in the Bush, a sustainable Rastafarian farm.