Annual Report 2020-2021

It’s a Family Affair

Tilmon Brown continues to set an example for his children, as a business owner and philanthropist, by sharing the power of perseverance.

Thank you for your bold support

Our annual report highlights stories of generosity spurred by deep connections and inspired by the University at Buffalo’s mission and vision of excellence. 

I am incredibly proud of all that we have achieved—and will achieve—together. On behalf of our entire university community, thank you for your commitment to UB.

Blazing a Bold Trail

A pioneering female computer science major who experienced great success in her career started a scholarship to help other female students build their confidence in STEM fields.

Saving Our Planet

Sustainability is not just a class John Atkinson teaches—it’s his life’s work. Thanks to generous donors, he can now do even more as an educator and researcher.

A Partnership in Motion

Western New Yorkers with spinal cord injuries will no longer have to leave the area to obtain the specialized physical and occupational therapy they need.

A Journey of Opportunities

When she was a student, Eileen Marutiak Yildirim took advantage of travel opportunities provided by UB to broaden her horizons.

A Legacy of Compassion

Bob Wheeler funds a scholarship for nursing students, focusing on those coming from disadvantaged neighborhoods like his late wife.



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