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Giving UB’s Brightest Students the Opportunity to Change the World

The Honors College is UB at its boldest. It’s where young scholars from all backgrounds gather to dig deeper and go further. It’s where some of our most renowned faculty members inspire students to explore, take risks and achieve their fullest potential. And it’s where some of UB’s greatest achievements begin. Just as Honors students take their studies to the next level, philanthropy allows us to provide even greater opportunities for these top scholars. Join us today, as we prepare these students to become the change-makers of tomorrow.

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Our Priorities

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Here Is How We Turn Ambition Into Action

As the Honors College has grown, so has our impact. With more resources, we can continue to attract the very best students to UB. Here, we strive to provide significant financial support to allow Honors students to focus on their education, conduct award-winning research and travel in support of their studies. This support includes:

  • Internship Grants
  • Merit Scholarships 
  • Performing and Creative Arts Scholarships 
  • Research and Creative Grants
  • Study Abroad Scholarships
  • Travel Grants for Professional Conferences

Here Is How Our Students Learn to Make a Difference

Community engagement is a crucial element of the Honors College experience because it helps students learn firsthand the challenges facing the underserved, addresses the passions of today’s civic-minded students and shows students how they can make a measurable difference. Now, we will bolster our commitment to civic engagement—and its many benefits—through enhancements to our freshman Honors Colloquium. By showing students how their personal goals are connected to the global community, we will inspire them to serve society not just throughout their time at UB—but for the rest of their lives.

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Here Is How Diversity Empowers Our Community

A diverse Honors College challenges our students to think beyond borders, both literally and metaphorically. It offers opportunities for crucial life lessons in collaboration and respect. And it sharpens our research—promoting more effective outcomes by ensuring that we are attuned to all of society’s needs. Now, we are ensuring that our recruitment strategies and admissions processes are aligned with our commitment to welcoming all, and that we are recruiting students who will thrive in a diverse environment, and bring their universal expertise and points of view to campus—an effort that will require offering attractive financial packages on par with our peer institutions.

The Power of Your Investment

Investing in the best and brightest yields bold returns. An investment in the Honors College supports UB’s top students, strengthens one of UB’s signature programs and transforms the entire university. Private philanthropy will give UB Honors a critical edge in recruiting, help ensure that we maintain our distinctive elements, and provide each Honors student with an invaluable head start in their career and in life. Honors students represent the very best of UB, earning prestigious awards, creating exceptional careers and advancing society in every imaginable way. With your support, they can—and they will—achieve even more.

UB Fund: Immediate Support for Students

When you give to the UB Fund, your gift today is made available to help support students today. It’s that immediate. Giving to the UB Fund helps ensure our students have everything they need to become thoughtful global citizens, with 100 percent of gifts used to enhance the student experience, including crucial support for research, study abroad, student emergencies and community service opportunities.


  • Tripathi named fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    UB's president is among 250 new innovative thinkers joining one of the oldest scholarly societies in the United States.

  • UB President Tripathi named Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    University's 15th president joins 249 other new members of one of the oldest scholarly societies in the United States.