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From Business as Usual to Changing the World

As one of the world's best business schools, the UB School of Management continues to rise in stature. Now we’re aiming higher still: to transform business education and the very future of management. How? By advancing our thought leadership. By providing student experiences that develop leadership to the fullest. And by leading through example. At UB, we’re not just teaching business innovation—we’re driving it.

We are seeking a $40 million investment in creating global business leaders.

Build a bright future through UB

Our Priorities

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Here Is How We Create Graduates Prepared to Lead Anywhere

Here, we build connections across cultures and prepare our graduates for success in today’s global marketplace. With your investment, we’ll:

  • Expand innovative partnerships like community-based health care
  • Boost study-abroad opportunities and startup funding for student entrepreneurs
  • Substantially increase undergraduate and graduate scholarships
  • Pioneer innovative online, dual and hybrid degree and certificate programs. 
  • Provide a new campus learning environment, through our Innovation and Design-Centered Learning Facility

Here Is How We Help Organizations Work Smarter

Our faculty engage business and industry directly, from working with health-care organizations to redefining accounting practices and standards. Now, we’re committed to recruiting additional faculty thought leaders, whose research and scholarly activity will transform key business areas. We’re also dramatically expanding interdisciplinary research and collaborations, such as our pioneering Stephen Still Institute for Sustainable Transportation and Logistics. At the School of Management, we put world-class ingenuity to the ultimate test: We put it to work.

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Here Is How We Build a Stronger Buffalo and a Better World

Our students serve as interns and volunteer business consultants. Our faculty consult and collaborate with businesses and industries. Now, we’re committed to expanding and strengthening those collaborations by endowing two high-impact centers:  

  • The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, helping startup executives launch ventures that survive and succeed
  • The Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, providing innovative programming for managers and organizations

Join us on our path to world-class business education and leadership development.

The Power of Your Investment

The UB School of Management: Bullish on brainpower. Invested in Buffalo. Committed to leveraging our leadership. Now, we seek visionary donors who recognize that bold investments in knowledge, leadership and skills yield immense returns—for UB, our graduates, our community and our world. We proudly invite you to partner with us, to work with us to build a future for business that is world-changing.

West Richter, BS/MBA ’13, MusB ’13.

“We should leave things better than when we arrived. That motivates me to continue my efforts to support UB. If it hadn’t been for the support of those who came before me and my peers, I am certain our UB experiences would not have been as rich as they were. We need to keep that legacy going.” -West Richter, BS/MBA ’13, MusB ’13

UB Fund: Immediate Support for Students

When you give to the UB Fund, your gift today is made available to help support students today. It’s that immediate. Giving to the UB Fund helps ensure our students have everything they need to become thoughtful global citizens, with 100 percent of gifts used to enhance the student experience, including crucial support for research, study abroad, student emergencies and community service opportunities.

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Several UB graduate schools and programs have been cited by U.S. News & World Report in its 2021 ranking of “America’s Best Graduate Schools.”