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The UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is New York State’s biggest public engineering school, and its best. We are teaching—and graduating—the workforce of the future and helping drive growth in economies across the state and around the world. Now, to have an even larger impact, we’re launching major initiatives and aiming higher than ever before. Why? To prepare our graduates to engineer a better, more innovative future for us all.

Here Is How We Train Students to Make Contributions All Over the World

At UB, our can-do, solutions-oriented approach prepares our graduates to address real-world needs for robust, resilient bridges and buildings that can withstand powerful earthquakes and other extreme events; clean, affordable drinking water for all; sophisticated navigation and safety systems for self-driving cars; cardiac pacemakers that don’t require batteries and better ways of getting medicine and food to remote, underserved areas. Your investment will help immerse students in tackling real-world-problems, and allow us to create a collaborative and inspiring environment for learning and research.

Here Is How We Turn Cutting-Edge Research Into Real-World Solutions

Our research expenditures put us in the top 10 percent of U.S. engineering schools. But it's our can-do attitude and commitment to solving problems that puts us in a league all our own. For example, our SMART initiative—Sustainable Manufacturing and Advanced Robotic Technologies—finds new ways to minimize environmental impacts, reduce life-cycle costs, and improve human and robotic performance so industries can go green—affordably.

Two students using a machine to work on a piece of equipment in a lab.
A student working with electric wires in a lab.

Here Is How We Tackle Global Engineering Challenges in Our Own Backyard

We think globally, but start locally. We’re committed to field-testing and sharing our expertise and breakthroughs here where we’re rooted and then taking them farther afield. We are contributing to a healthier Buffalo and continuing to invest in a new generation of future leaders. The bottom line? UB is playing a huge role in boosting productivity and efficiency throughout the region, and then offering expertise to national and international companies. With your help and investments, the ripple effect from these discoveries will be felt all over the world.

We are seeking your investment in solving society’s critical challenges.

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The Power of Your Investment

We are powerfully positioned to help solve humanity’s greatest global problems and to strengthen the economy and the manufacturing sector in Buffalo and Western New York. By making world-class engineering and applied sciences education affordable and accessible to all exceptional undergraduate and graduate students, we have the power to transform lives, careers and the world in remarkable ways. Please partner with us as we raise $100 million to take the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences to a new level—and as we engineer a better, brighter future around the world.

UB Fund: Immediate Support for Students

When you give to the UB Fund, your gift today is made available to help support students today. It’s that immediate. Giving to the UB Fund helps ensure our students have everything they need to become thoughtful global citizens, with 100 percent of gifts used to enhance the student experience, including crucial support for research, study abroad, student emergencies and community service opportunities.

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