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Gino Biondini

Professor of Mathematics
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences


Mathematical properties of waves, solitons, applied mathematics, mathematical physics, general questions about mathematics

Head shot of Gino Biondini, University at Buffalo mathematics expert.

Gino Biondini uses mathematical models to study and describe physical phenomena, in particular waves, including solitons. His work has applications in optical fiber communications, nonlinear optics and water waves.

His research has two main goals: The first is to understand the properties of and solutions to equations used to represent various physical phenomena. The second objective is to study the potential applications of these equations in real-world situations, with the aim of obtaining results of practical usefulness. Biondin’s research interests also include integrable systems, inverse problems, applied probability, stochastic processes, water waves and optics.

He can also speak to media about general topics in mathematics, as well as answer questions about probability.


Gino Biondini, PhD
Professor and Chair of Mathematics
University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences