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Erin Kearney

Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education


Language teaching and learning, intercultural competence and language education, language teacher training and development

Head shot of Erin Kearney, University at Buffalo world languages education expert.

Erin Kearney is an expert on the teaching and learning of new languages.

Her research focuses on the state of world languages education in the United States and on teaching and learning processes and outcomes. She is interested in how intercultural competence develops alongside linguistic proficiency in the classroom setting.

Kearney’s work informs policies and practices nationally, regionally and locally. Her research and service to the profession promote greater access to language education for all students, increasing the quality of teacher education and learner experiences.

She is interested in broadening the goals of language education in the U.S. Her work encourages educators and policymakers to embrace language learning as a means to create a more interculturally competent citizenry, helping students develop confidence, social and communication skills, and a deeper understanding of different cultures.

Kearney serves on the Board of Directors of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.


Erin Kearney, PhD
Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction
University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education