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Irus Braverman

Professor of Law
University at Buffalo School of Law


Laws governing animals, zoos, wildlife, coral reefs, extinction and climate change law, law and society, law and conservation, law and the environment, environmental justice in Israel/Palestine

Head shot of Irus Braverman, University at Buffalo wildlife, conservation and environmental law expert.

Irus Braverman’s research interests lie in the interdisciplinary study of law, geography and anthropology.

Drawing on these perspectives, Braverman has researched a range of topics. Much of her work has focused on aspects of environmental conservation and animals, examining subjects such as animals in the city, police dogs, zoos, the divide between wild and captive species in conservation, hunting and conservation, threatened species lists, laws governing climate change, and ocean law.

In her book, “Zooland: The Institution of Captivity,” Braverman draws on interviews with zoo managers and administrators to offer a glimpse into the complexities of managing zoo animals. She is also author of “Wild Life: The Institution of Captivity,” which documents the intensifying management of imperiled species in what is typically referred to as wild nature.

In another book, “Coral Whisperers: Scientists on the Brink,” Braverman captures a critical moment in the history of coral reef science. Gleaning insights from over 100 interviews with leading scientists and conservation managers, Braverman documents a community caught in an existential crisis and alternating between despair and hope. In this, corals emerge not only as signs and measures of environmental catastrophe, but also as catalysts for action.

Braverman’s earlier work includes research on a variety of other topics, including house demolitions in East Jerusalem, and an examination of how acts of planting and uprooting trees are employed in the struggle over land and identity in Israel/Palestine.


Irus Braverman, SJD
Professor of Law, University at Buffalo School of Law
Adjunct Professor of Geography, University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences